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About Japanese Super Formula Lights Championship


Dear Sirs,

We would like to extend our summer greetings to you all and sincere gratitude to your support and interest to the Japanese Formula 3 series.
As the Japan Automobile Federation (JAF) announced on the 9th of August the Japanese Formula 3 Championship,in its 41th year in 2019, will be reborn for 2020 as a new series named Japanese Super Formula Lights (SFL)championship.

The SFL championship will take over the Japanese Formula 3 Championship’s role both as a stepping stone for top racing drivers and a Japanese championship directly connected to the two Japan’s top racing series, Super Formula and Super GT as the name suggests. The Japan Formula 3 Association will continue to run the championship.

The Dallara 320 will be adopted for the SFL championship as a one-make car with advanced safety features including Halo and a side impact and a large rear structures. Featuring enhanced performance of the prestigious current Dallara car the new car allows a number of the current car’s components including engine, gearbox, mechanical parts like suspension, front and rear wings and electrical systems to be carried over to help the entrants keep down the initial costs for introducing the new car.

The SFL championship will also make its best efforts to keep down the running costs through reducing the series events by having three races in a single event, for example, and ensure young drivers will be able to earn sufficient mileage and racing experiences through providing as much time for practice sessions as possible during each race week.

We would like to take this opportunity to ask you for continued support and interest to the Japanese Super Formula Lights championship.

Sincerely Yours,
Super Formula Lights Association