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  • 3 consecutive wins at Okayama play Shun Koide into title contention
    小出峻(HFDP WITH TODA RACING) The Japanese Super Formula Lights Rd 15, the last race of ...
  • Shun Koide prevails at the start to make it back-to-back wins
    Shun Koide(HFDP WITH TODA RACING) The fifth event of the 2023 Japanese Super Formula Lig...
  • Shun Koide claims lights-to-flag win with a perfect race
    Shun Koide(HFDP WITH TODA RACING) After the six sessions over three days qualifying for ...
  • Enzo Trulli charges from pole to his second victory in Rd 12
    Enzo Trulli and Hibiki Taira Seven and a half hours after the turbulent race with a flurry...
  • Shun Koide clinches his first SFL victory in a chaotic race where top three are penalised
    Shun Koide(HFDP WITH TODA RACING) The day after the Enzo Trulli’s lights-to-flag victory...
  • Enzo Trulli claims maiden win with lights-to-flag victory
    Enzo Trulli and Jarno Trulli After two-day practice sessions in wet and unstable condition...

2023 Race Schedule


Rank Driver Total
1 Hibiki Taira 92 -
2 Iori Kimura 82 10
3 Syun Koide 76 16
4 Igor Omura Fraga 47 45
5 Enzo Trulli 42 50
6 Seita Nonaka 31 61
7 Togo Suganami 21 71
8 Yuga Furutani 21 71
9 David Vidales 19 73